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Mark Tyler

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For many years I have been working on various projects relating to data, computer software, operating systems, art, design, photography, psephology, mathematics, and economics.

Sometimes this work is for others, sometimes for me; sometimes its public, sometimes its private; sometimes its serious, and sometimes its rather frivolous.

This page signposts my publicly available work which may be of interest to curious visitors.


Here is a list of projects on the web that I have been responsible for creating. Select a project name to go to its website.

mtCellEdit (2008-2017)

This began as a simple spreadsheet program and then became much more as I added other programs and libraries to explore my ideas.

mtMintKit (2008)

A minimal widget toolkit for SDL.

mt6502dis (2008)

A 6502 disassembler.

rgbPaint (2007)

A fork of mtPaint.

mtPaint (2004-2006)

A pixel art and photo editor.


If you wish to contact me privately about my work, please use one of the following social platforms:

Blogger Comment

Twitter Direct Message

GitHub (contact details are in the mtCellEdit README file)


For the latest updates on my work please visit the following sites:

Twitter is updated regularly for all events.

Blogger is updated occasionally for major events.

GitHub is updated regularly for all code changes.

Google Sites is updated regularly for all code changes including an outline of the changes for each module.