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Motorcade 63


"Motorcade 63" is a 5 minute animation which I created in 2019 as a visual aid to understand the events surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. I publish the work in the hope that others will find it as useful as I do in cutting through the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the case.

The unique feature of the work is the synchronization of the photos, films, and eyewitness accounts. By synchronizing all of the evidence I avoid falling into the trap of cherrypicking to suit a specific theory, which seems rather common practice by many authors in this case.



In the near future I will be publishing a technical reference handbook to explain the work in more detail.


The photos, films, and documentation which I used at the research stage of this project came from the following sources (alpha order):

JFK Assassination Gallery

JFK Lancer

JFK Library

Mary Ferrell Foundation

National Archives

Pat Speer

The Sixth Floor Museum

The Weisberg Collection, Hood College

Thank you all for sharing your work, and making this animation possible.