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Motorcade 63


"Motorcade 63" is an animated reconstruction of the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is based on photos, films, and corroborated witness testimony with the aim of being as faithful as possible to the facts. By synchronizing all of the evidence I avoid falling into the trap of cherry-picking to suit a specific theory, which seems rather common practice by many authors in this case.

To download the technical reference handbook outlining all of the details of this work (including references to work done by others), click this button:


HSCA Scenario

In 1979 the HSCA report contained an acoustics study which claimed that a motorbike in Dealey Plaza recorded the sounds of gunshots onto a dictabelt. Specific claims regarding the position of this microphone were made such that H.B. McLain was riding the bike that was carrying this microphone. Even though I don't think this acoustics analysis is correct, this scenario is worth recreating in an animation to allow researchers to properly understand the implications of the HSCA's work. See the handbook for more information and analysis.